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SIP Calculator Calculate Your Systematic Investment Plan Returns

by Austiee Gosney

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The results from Navi’s mutual fund SIP calculator could help you plan your investment better by giving you the insights to make any necessary adjustments, if required. For example, you might realise the total value of your SIP investments currently might not be sufficient to meet your financial goal in time. Thus, you might need to increase the SIP amount or investment tenure or choose another mutual fund that could offer a higher expected return on investment than your present fund. Let’s assume you are a fresh investor eyeing for sip mutual fund investments. You want to make a rs 2,500 monthly investment for the next 12 months, with an expected return of 12%. A SIP investment is somewhat similar to RD (recurring deposits) in the sense that in both of them, we deposit a fixed amount regularly over a long time period.

However, while RDs offer a fixed return as decided by your bank, SIPs offer a varying return as they invest money in mutual funds, which are linked to the stock market. SIPs have the potential to earn higher returns as compared to recurring deposits. You may easily plan your SIP investments using our simple SIP calculator. You may check anticipated gains for several mutual fund categories with the SIP calculator app. The SIP Planner app is distinct and superior to other sip planner apps thanks to the SWP Calculator, SIP Calculator, and other important features.

Who can use this SIP calculator?

And this is where investment vehicles like mutual funds come into play. A SIP calculator helps you plan your investments by providing an estimated return on your investment based on the amount and duration of the investment. SIPs are a more lucrative mode of investing funds compared to a lump sum amount according to several mutual fund experts. It helps you become financially disciplined and create a habit of savings that can benefit you in the future. SIP investments can be periodically withdrawn unless they are under a lock-in period. The amount can be withdrawn via SWP (systematic withdrawal plan) by redeeming a fixed amount at a given frequency.

You can use the Navi SIP Calculator to get a better understanding of the returns that you could get on your mutual fund investments you have made through SIPs. This easy-to-use online calculator is extremely accurate and intuitive. A perpetual SIP is an investment plan where the investor invests a fixed sum of money at fixed intervals, but the investment does not have to be completed in a set number of years. This means that once you start a perpetual SIP plan, you can continue investing in it for as long as you want – there is no end date like there is with other types of investment plans.

In this case, you can find out the duration that you invest for, to earn your desired amount, if any. SIP Calculator is essential for any investor looking to invest through SIP. It helps you make informed investment decisions, plan your investments better, and provide a more efficient roadmap to your financial goals. For example, let’s say your monthly SIP investment is ₹10,000, the expected rate of return is 12% and your investment tenure is 10 years.

Mutual Fund,

Making a ‘Systematic Investment Plan’ date on the salary day is the most appropriate method of making savings regularly. The SIP Calculator will help in identifying the returns which have been created by the investment of SIP interests in this fund and this can be identified till the present date. SIP Calculator is to pre-empt a financial outcome based on recurring contributions made to mutual funds or other investment options. The calculator helps break down the earnings that can potentially build up after investing for a particular time. The results are essential in assessing the subscription capacity, rate of return to look forward to, and investment duration.

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a process of investing a fixed sum of money in mutual funds at regular intervals. SIP or systematic investment plan assist you in building that discipline in your investment approach. However, you cannot jump into any SIP of any mutual fund scheme without evaluating the potential risks and returns over the investment tenure and here to help you there is a SIP calculator. A systematic investment plan (SIP) calculator is a tool that allows investors to calculate the potential returns on their investments over some time. The calculator takes into account the amount being invested, the frequency of investments, and the expected rate of return. It then displays the total amount that would be earned, as well as the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the investment.

  • This tool is easy to use and benefits novice and experienced investors alike.
  • • Input an expected rate of return to know the amount you must invest monthly to reach your target.
  • Now, suppose you know how much you would need at some point in time in the future but want to find out how much you need to invest for accumulating the same amount.
  • To use the calculator, simply enter your desired investment amount, investment period, and expected annual rate of return.

The SIP calculator is a tool that has been developed to help you determine the amount you are comfortable investing. It is not mandatory to invest the amounts shown by the calculator for given tenures and expected returns. From there, to arrive at the SIP amount that is most affordable, simply change the amount you plan to invest every month or the tenure for which you plan to invest. You can also use it to understand how much you’ll have to invest on a monthly basis to achieve a specific financial goal in a chosen amount of time. If you are still confused about investing in stock market through systematic investment plans, here are 5 benefits of SIP investment and how SIPs can make you ultra rich. High-risk equity schemes earn more, while long-term debt-based mutual fund schemes earn less.

long term goals

They can balance their investments in the long run by averaging their contributions. Calculate NSC interest earned and total investment returns with our NSC calculator. Calculate compound interest earned and total investment returns with our compound interest calculator.

Investors can use this facility to invest a fixed amount periodically in mutual fund schemes of their choice. Apart from SIP, you can also make a one-time investment in mutual funds by investing a lump sum. A SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, invests money in stocks or other securities over time. It usually involves investing a fixed sum of money at fixed intervals, such as once a month. The investor specifies the amount to be invested each time and the frequency of investments. This plan systematically helps investors achieve their financial goals by investing a fixed sum at fixed intervals.

You can contribute as per your cash inflow, contributing more if you earn a bonus or profit, and even skip an instalment if you are facing a cash shortage. While a minority of people somehow are able to calculate this manually, it’s a complex task for most of us, especially for long-term investments. The cred The Definition of Net Credit Sales on a Balance Sheet Chron com is one of the most convenient sip calculation tools available online.

sip calculator

First, you’ll need to record the investment amounts you’ve made thus far, along with the dates of those investments. From there, you’ll need to incorporate the total market value of your owned units. This data should be available on your
SIP statement and is regarded as cash inflow rather than outflow. A regular SIP is a fixed sum of money that is invested at fixed intervals.

How To Invest In Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) Online?

You will have to submit your identity proof, address proof and a photograph. You should also confirm your physical existence through an In-Person Verification or (IPV). However, note that SIP investments in certain mutual funds are subject to a lock-in period. For instance, SIP investments in Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) are locked in for three years. This computer-operated calculator saves you a great deal of time and effort into doing calculations and re-calculations to arrive at the estimated returns.

Enter the desired monthly investment amount, expected rate of interest, select the number of years to invest, and the SIP calculator will compute the total estimated returns. If you want to know the probable maturity amount of sip investment, it will depend on your monthly contribution, the rate of return and the duration of your investment. Taking all these three together, it is quite complex to calculate the return manually.

Suppose you want to invest Rs. 5,000 monthly for ten years in a mutual fund with an average return of 12%. Then, using a SIP calculator, you can find out the future value of your investment. The rate of return is the rate of growth investors can expect from the investment over the specified period. The investment horizon is how long the investor wishes to invest, and the frequency of contributions is how often the investor will make payments into the investment account.

Here the mf calculator comes in handy as you just need to put certain values and then the calculation part is taken care of by the SIP investment calculator only. A SIP calculator online is a beneficial tool, which shows the estimated returns you will earn after the investment tenure. Mutual fund houses charge exit load to discourage investors from exiting the scheme before a certain time period. The exit load fee charged by different mutual fund houses is different, and not all fund houses charge an exit fee.

Yes, SIP calculators are online financial tools which are completely free. SIP Planner & SIP Calculator is a special application that has been deliberately created for all types of users. A housewife, a student, a businessperson, an investor, a banker, a certified public accountant, a financial planner, etc. Take an example where you invest INR 1,000 per month for 36 months. • Input an expected rate of return to know the amount you must invest monthly to reach your target.

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SIPs are paid in small sums, so
they’re perfect for cash-poor investors. They rely on a dollar-cost averaging strategy, which divides your investment amount across regular asset purchases. This helps you to overcome market volatility while offering you a hands-free
investment experience.

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