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by Austiee Gosney

Create, test and assign controls to common issues and run automated audits. The policy management offering simplifies understanding and adoption of company policies. Prepare contingency plans for potential disasters and be prepared for any crisis. Cloud technology enables simple, but secure workflows that unify and coordinate activities across lines of business, locations, and functions.

enterprise risk management software solutions

It compares resource, third-party, performance and corporate data to generate sustainability reports. Provides legally vetted compliance, cybersecurity and ethical training enterprise software solutions for employees. Quantivate ERM Software enables your organization to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs and lower loss rates.

What are IRM (Integrated Risk Management) Solutions?

Automated real-time data collection and analysis increases visibility and risk detection. It provides automated centralization of all financial data to recommend unique TRM configurations for individual users. Its hedge accounting module helps organizations keep up with local and global compliance, including ASC 815, ASC 820, ASC , IAS 39, IFRS 9, IFRS 7, IFRS 13 and more. Break down organizational siloes and run all your sub-functions from a single risk management platform for a comprehensive understanding of your risk landscape. Compliance, internal audit, and internal control teams all easily access and use consolidated risk data in one central enterprise risk management software solution. Many organizations don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to complete the risk management processes that may be necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

Product is always improving and the company takes feedback, and in most cases utilize it to make changes. It didn’t take very long to get up and running, even just getting on the software without knowing it ahead of time is pretty self-explanatory. Plan a systematic approach to risk identification, measurement, and monitoring.

enterprise risk management software solutions

Our application streamlines internal audit processes through workflow, timed reminders, and ease of use for audit clients. Conduct effective, thorough, and actionable COVID-risk assessments to help your organization return to the workplace. Use vendor risk assessments to understand the vulnerabilities of your supply chain to COVID-19. Credit Unions Our secure solutions work together to help your credit union with all aspects of risk and compliance management. If you address it with senior management, then a response is immediate and action is taken.

Quantivate ERM

This is crucial because you must have multistakeholder engagement to be effective. It must be deeply integrated with your existing systems so you can easily reach all the decision-makers in your organization, and they can easily provide ongoing input. For example, if you’re entering a new market or acquiring a new company, you’ll want to apply risk modeling to understand potential impacts across every business unit and function. Robust data analytics, AI, and machine learning can help you create scenarios and models that pinpoint not only the potential for harm but the potential for business growth.

enterprise risk management software solutions

The powerful features combined with the easy implementation of the cloud solution made Predict360 a great fit for our organization. Build your organization’s risk profile, keeping your biggest threats front and center – and easily share the information with stakeholders or auditors. Collect critical business threat information — with lightning fast, automated tools — to make the best resource and process decisions.

It gives me a clear insight into my company’s risk universe and data to predict where future risks may emerge. In the future, ERM will be much more pervasive and data-driven, becoming an integral part of every decision and process. Using robust data, AI, and ML to drive your ERM not only helps you better identify risks, it also makes risk management a part of every activity across the organization. No matter what your business goals are, enterprise risk management can help you achieve them. Although every company practices risk management in some way, a formal ERM process puts methodologies and practices in place so you can systematically increase your chances of success.

Find ERM Software

Its multi-device interface makes data accessible globally to increase operational efficiency and threat response rates. CURA offers solutions for project risk management, enterprise risk management, operational risk management, and incident risk management. It provides companies with the expertise of supervising predictable, hidden, or recurring risks, in accordance with its impact and probability. With CURA’s Governance Risk Compliance, users can identify risks and regulatory requirements at any stage of the project.

  • LogicManager’s software streamlines testing, metric collection, and incidents remediation to ensure your controls are effective and you’re making progress in real time.
  • Now that we have a general idea of what the software does, it’s time to discuss some of the primary benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.
  • Integrum is an award-winning risk management software that helps companies accelerate their business through managing and reducing risks.
  • Risk management is necessary to ensure your business has a secure and stable future.
  • Support your organization’s distinctive hierarchy so that risks can be mapped to your individual business structure.
  • A similar approach has been taken for FRTB-SA, FRTB-IMA, initial margin, SA-CCR and CVA capital charge.

Risk Acceptance — accepting risks when the expected profit outweighs the expected risk. Integrate data from various sources to have a full picture of your business. Use detailed graphs and heatmaps, quantitative measurements against KRIs, and qualitative narrative from risk owners to inform decisions. Utilize connected, accessible data to drive ERM consistency across all lines of defense. Browse the ESG Content Hub for the latest trending news, ideas, and resources. We just made simplifying work even simpler with templates, connectors, and services.

RSA Archer provides enterprise solutions to manage governance, policies, deficiencies, risk and compliance. Organizations can automate task ownerships, escalate essential issues and control user access at various escalating levels. Supports on-premise deployment or a SaaS model with localized multilingual support for global use. It provides seamless data integration for collaboration across different teams and environments. Risk management helps organizations detect and mitigate enterprise risks and get a 360-degree view of corporate security, system governance and compliance. It allows users to monitor a continuous feed of operational data, connected devices and user accounts to respond to vulnerabilities in real time.

Enterprise Risk Reporting Made Easy

Its reporting and analytics modules integrate insurable and non-insurable risks to correlate their associations and prevent future occurrences. Users can automate routine processes, break down information silos, drive cross-platform collaboration and coordinate risk mitigation. Users can monitor the administration of claims, handle legal and corporate compliance, and manage audits and healthcare from one interface. Resolver provides organizations with a single enterprise solution to manage corporate security, system governance, information security, governance, risk and compliance. Its dynamic approach to individual user requirements makes data transformation and sharing more accessible and efficient. Allows users to access all the data securely within a single interface for better reporting and analytics.

The platform indexes all security information to provide you with a single source of truth. With AI and ML embedded into an ERM cloud solution, you can continuously monitor for suspicious activity in your core business processes, stop insider threats, and coordinate preparation and responses. Your solution will bubble up that information through dashboards designed specifically for your stakeholders so they have easy access to insights and analytics.

Its offerings include management of fleets and fuel, enterprise risks and assets, surplus assets and more. It streamlines processes and improves operations through better facility staffing, machinery management and workflows. It helps users handle consumables, equipment and properties efficiently and cost-effectively. Leveraging multiple modules enable companies to improve ROI, promote data transparency and reduce operating costs. Workiva is a cloud-based reporting platform that globally connects an organization’s workforce with its data sets and data sources.


An ERM framework is a set of principles and procedures that help the organization manage anticipated risks so that it can successfully achieve its objectives. Corporater Enterprise Risk Management solution comes pre-configured with best practice frameworks, templates, and functionalities needed for an effective enterprise risk management. Oftentimes, RMS and Governance, Risk & Compliance Platforms are discussed interchangeably, even by product vendors. GRC solutions are designed to help with compliance with industry standards and governmental regulation. Risk is managed by GRC platforms, but only with regards to risk aversion strategies that prevent legal or professional sanction.

Understand your complete risk profile with a big picture view

Our highly intelligent system can understand and map risk contexts efficiently. The impact analysis, KRIs, and inherent risk analysis, give an edge in risk management and its mitigation. Residual Risk Analysis capability enables notifying and mitigating every single identified or tagged risk. Users can also keep track of their progress by using the easy-to-use Risk Journey and Risk Treatments with Follow-ups feature. When you’re considering a risk management solution, evaluate the solution’s potential for engaging all stakeholders throughout the organization.

Cloud Services

You can explore the MetricStream Enterprise GRC and Integrated Risk Management solutions. Download this report to explore why cyber risk is rising in significance as a business risk.

Download this report to explore why cyber risk is rising in significance as a business risk.

Corrections trigger smart recomputation based only on what is impacted by the change. This enables risk officers to get corrected figures efficiently and meet the deadline for official results. This hybrid deployment model allows Murex clients to avoid costly hardware buys and answers regulatory constraints linked to sensitive data. Fully managed by Murex, the solution leverages a shared and elastic infrastructure. This flexible solution enables Murex clients to benefit from continuously improved functionalities without having to upgrade their own MX.3 solution.

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