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The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and the Social Sciences

by Austiee Gosney

The study of the entrepreneurship field is influenced and influenced by a wide range of disciplines, including sociology (influence and norms), psychology, anthropology and culture, history, and law. The diversity of these disciplines shows that entrepreneurship is a phenomenon and an activity.

The idea of entrepreneurship has a hazy nature and this uncertainty can be evident in the definitions that scholars have offered. Many have embraced the Schumpeterian dynamic definition of entrepreneurship, which describes it as an individual’s capacity to capitalize on opportunities and develop new ventures. Others have highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial activities within larger communities or organizations. Others have restricted the definition to people who are self-employed and small-scale business owners.

No matter what definition one decides to accept, it is widely recognized that entrepreneurship is crucial for economic development and well-being. It has been linked to the creation of jobs, productivity gains and economic growth. Furthermore, social entrepreneurs are important people in society because they offer solutions to social problems.

As a result, there is growing interest in incorporating social entrepreneurship into the entrepreneurship education and several researchers have begun to investigate this idea. There is a lack of research that has been conducted on the subject of social entrepreneurial activities and higher education, and it’s important to understand what students learn from this type of course. This article addresses this gap through an analysis of the students’ learning experience in a Social Entrepreneurship class offered at a University in Pakistan.

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